Pretty darn pretty

In SL just as in RL I don’t really do girly. This look is probably about as far as it goes, but I couldn’t resist this super-feminine updo from Collabor88. It’s not mesh, but the textures and intricate prims give a nice feel of soft movement.

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And I want to talk here a little bit about avatar beauty in light of the new release of the mesh head by Logo… Continue reading


Little Girl Blue

Celoe’s latest release is another object lesson in the beauty of stylish simplicity. What I think I love the most though is the attention to detail, in particular the length of the sleeve on this jumpsuit. Continue reading


Many of my SL cohorts are heading into Winter and sadly, some are still battling the aftermath of super storm “Sandy”, yet here in the southern hemisphere, Summer is coming!

But today’s been a little grey, which gave me a great excuse to do some virtual shopping. It’s quite warm though, so I’m going to finish this post up as quick as I can and get outside for a little while since my backside is starting to go numb after editing all three pics! I’m still working with a finger pad and laptop on my knee so just some smoothing of the edges around the jawline, nose and arms.

Exactly what I would wear myself on a warm late spring day, these floating tunic-style dresses are a perfect fit in prettily textured mesh. The belt that comes with the maxi dress is adjustable and can be re-textured via a menu to match accessories. I could literally LIVE in this piece!

One shoulder ruffle dress by Zenith

Luna maxi dress by Zenith

Flouncy tunic dress by Zenith

Skin Affairs

I downloaded GIMP today and made a tiny bit more effort with my editing, but only having a laptop/finger-pad certainly helps constrain my tendency to perfectionism!

I’m enjoying wearing longer hairstyles thanks to mesh, and finally found a skin I think I could live in forever, flaws and all. Previous long-term “skin affairs” were with Laqroki’s Phoebe and League’s Taylor. If anyone passes by and has time to share, I’d love to hear about the SL avatar skins that have really felt like” home” to you.

hair: dela
makeup: handmade
top: michami
cuffs: erratic